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From day one you have treated me with utmost respect. Made me feel very wanted and that I am part of the FilmHatch family. Whenever I am in need of any questions you are always there to answer and help me out. Thank you very much! Dante!


// Lesley Fisher

Author of Object of Balance


My name is Dennis McIntyre. Since losing the love of my life fourteen years ago, writing has been a rewarding pastime, especially, when others are uplifted by the stories. A pastoral friend told me that I had the gift of encouragement. Zoey Henderson, from FilmHatch Media, is my encourager, after several conversations designed to bring one of my novels to the world of film. Not only is that an exciting opportunity, but I pray that viewers will also have their lives changed for the better. Thank you Zoey and the rest of the staff at FilmHatch Media.

Dennis McIntyre

Dennis McIntyre //

Author of Shackled of Free


I finally found the perfect match for… I finally found the perfect match for the 'Mind-Blowing' nature of my literary masterpiece, with FilmHatch Media Productions. Equally, have the whole team 'blown my mind' with their care, concern, & attention to detail in the promotion of my book. Thank you to all!! Truly friendly and accommodating services from everyone at FilmHatch Media Productions. Everyone makes you feel as though your literary work is exceptional, worthy of praise, & demonstrates utmost attention to the production process... Bravo to the whole team & thanks to Zoey!

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// MJ Davern

Author of A Comparative Investigation
of Economic Systems & Corresponding Environmental Effects


Mr. Parker does not bear his name for no apparent reason. But for a host of reasons. Thus, he carries out his job. And does what he does for any and all would-be screenplay interdepending, interconnecting, intercommunicating, interacting beginners. By the name of Floyd Merrell, for example. I became enchanted over the idea that Adam listens to us, informs us, communes with us, takes us by the hand, and graciously leads us toward the beginning of our newly created screenplay to its ending. Empathizing us by way of a dish of increasing hope our own creative efforts may manage effectively to pan out. Becoming what we could not have become of their own accord. Thanks to Adam’s helpful words bringing about our feeling at one with with him and all aspects of his tasks and ours as he explains them to us in the sense that we otherwise would likely not be able efficiently to comprehend. Especially in my case, I would imagine. Adam transformed my mind-taunting terribly skeptical thoughts to perhaps convincing thoughts becoming increasingly persuading thoughts swaying me toward compelling thoughts where I might find myself at this juncture. For that, call me grateful.

Floyd Merrell //

Author of The Dilemma”, “Looking Glass”, and "Finding Himself"


Filmhatch contacted me about making trailers for my books. I have self-published 29 flash fiction novels. They appear on Amazon and Barnes and Noble along with other Internet book stores. I chose “The Man Inside” and “The Garden Sphere” for movie trailers and book teasers. I was delighted with the work they did. I had them add or change a few things before signing off on them. These trailers will be used to present to producers for movie consideration. I wish to see them as Netflix Originals or binge-watchers. I have already submitted the log line, treatment, and screenplay for both. Upon completion of the trailers, I will have given everything there is to the promoting of my work. I consider it a vital investment in my success at movie- making. I am depending on Filmhatch to move my career forward. I will place these trailers and book teasers on my website for extra exposure. Visit my website



Author of The Garden Sphere, The Man Inside,
and Seedling: Evil Hybrid


Being as honest as I can be, since this has been my first experience with Film Hath Media, my experience thus far has been excellent all around. My agent, Fred Martinez has always been receptive and understanding to all of my concerns as he completely and understandably aware that this is my first time in the industry. He patiently answers all my questions. Great experience so far.

Saurabh //

Author of - ""