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Film Production & Marketing Services is to make your literary journey easier.

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Press Release

One of the specialized services offered by Film Hatch Media is our competent new releases that are sure to reach a broad audience. We are affiliated with some of the greatest press release distribution companies.




Our team of professional writers are branding our name in the film industry through their screenplays. We are not only talented in our field but are also flexible. We create the best version of our clients' works and unleash their full potential.



Book Trailer

We take pride in its world-class book trailers. Our book trailers have vivid visuals that enrapture watchers to their full attention. We have top-notch visual marketing resources that never fail to forge impressive book trailers.



For any type of business to succeed, classic marketing tactics include employment of multiplex publicity campaigns on the internet. This incorporates reinvention of attested methods. But before all that, do you have an alluring website that can captivate customers at a glance




A versatile approach that helps people and search engines locate web pages easily, Search Engine Optimization is the science of bringing users to the website by looking. Although paid advertisements have become a marketing sensation, nothing beats this classic method of SEO.



Exclusion of Facebook Marketing in your plan means undermining the campaign’s intent. Facebook, hailed as the primary social network for marketing, is a gateway to expansive revenue streams. You can never go wrong with designing a fail-proof Facebook marketing campaign.