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Film Hatch Media Values Roxsane Tiernan’s Perspective on a Life of Misfortune

FilmHatch Media recognizes Tiernan’s book to be one that many can learn from. They plan to unveil its screenplay in upcoming film festivals to ensure the story reaches a global audience.

FilmHatch Media is an independently-owned film creation and video production agency that is talented and versatile in the field. Its team of professional writers excels in the film industry through quality screenplays. The company delivers profound content and interactive experiences on screens of all sizes in every type of environment. Tiernan’s “Zip”  is one story that encourages bravery and positivity.
Life is not fair, but you have to stay patient with it because it is not finished with you yet. Tiernan’s book is empowering, especially for children in similar situations.
“Zip” is a memoir of the titular frail little girl growing up to become such a headstrong, smart, independent woman. Her life has been eventful and packed with challenges, but it made her who she is. 
Zip’s father was committed to the arrival of a strong, intelligent son and heir. He wasn’t exactly pleased when she was born. As expected in a strongly patriarchal household, Zip’s mother is a slave to her husband and tries hard to take care of all her children.
Pneumonia, measles, and chickenpox – Zip got these all before she turned one year. She’d been abused in her childhood. She has experienced unfortunate circumstances her whole life, but she chose to rise above them all. Whenever she gets hurt, confused, angry – she chooses to look for a course to take, another door to open, a meaningful project, a different focus. For her, that is much better than fussing over things because she believes, eventually, they will sort.
This story is realistic and inspirational, endowing readers with many lessons on how to deal with life in an optimistic way.
Written by Roxsane Tiernan
Published by Xlibris US
Published Date: August 20, 2015
About the Author
Roxsane is an energetic, compulsive, hard-working 75-year-old. She has caring, community-oriented siblings, two wonderful daughters, and five grandchildren. Her wide circle of friends is scattered all over the globe and at home, she has a wonderful man named, Bill, who makes her life complete. Roxsane’s early life was challenging but she completed her Teacher’s training at UBC, taught in a one-room ungraded [Grades 18] school on Harrison Lake, married George Dheilly, and together they raised three beautiful daughters. The youngest, Marcia, died of a brain tumor in 1981. Their marriage fell apart in 1983/1984. Needing to find more meaning in her life after the girls left home she decided to go back to University to finish her B.Ed. and get back to the most meaningful career she could find, teaching at the high school level. Since then she has worked in Mexico, traveled extensively, and taught international students and immigrants before retiring to become a prolific artist and author.

“My inspiration came from the hope that we should be able to leave a sustainable earth for our future generations in an economic way,” Zaman explains. “However, we need to provide them with enough information and the right strategy so that they can champion making our earth a better living place for mankind.”

No other book is so holistic that takes the readers through history, prepare with foundational knowledge of economic theories followed by comprehensive analysis with about 200 illustrations explaining the path that we have taken and what disaster is awaiting and how we should address this.

“Green the Capitalists” also quest for unified economic theory that leads to new sustainability concepts and theories. At the end, it describes a strategy for a massive auto-adjust switch-over from existing growth based economy to a sustainable economy by bringing the existing and potential sufferers−eventually everyone under a common economic framework, while dynamically solving their economic problems in real time.

By introducing a number of new theories and concepts, Zaman hopes “changes will be seen everywhere in an economy from a small village community to the downtown financial industry.”

“Green the Capitalists”
Written by Monowar Zaman
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Date Published: March 31, 2016
Paperback: $32.99
Hardcover: $43.99

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