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Film Hatch Media Presents “Green the Capitalists” by Monowar Zaman

Monowar Zaman sets off a revolutionary idea Green the Capitalists for Generation Z through Film Hatch Media shows that the world’s industrial civilization is now riding on financial capitalism and is irreversibly and progressively damaging the environment and exhausting its lifeblood fossil fuel reserves. “It has taken off of the ground and is headed to its tragic end, just like a moth to a flame,” Zaman warns.

FilmHatch Media has a team of experts with highest grade professionalism who are always searching for aspiring authors who have innovative and unique works. Monowar Zaman’s “Green the Capitalists” has caught their attention this time.

“My inspiration came from the hope that we should be able to leave a sustainable earth for our future generations in an economic way,” Zaman explains. “However, we need to provide them with enough information and the right strategy so that they can champion making our earth a better living place for mankind.”

No other book is so holistic that takes the readers through history, prepare with foundational knowledge of economic theories followed by comprehensive analysis with about 200 illustrations explaining the path that we have taken and what disaster is awaiting and how we should address this.

“Green the Capitalists” also quest for unified economic theory that leads to new sustainability concepts and theories. At the end, it describes a strategy for a massive auto-adjust switch-over from existing growth based economy to a sustainable economy by bringing the existing and potential sufferers−eventually everyone under a common economic framework, while dynamically solving their economic problems in real time.

By introducing a number of new theories and concepts, Zaman hopes “changes will be seen everywhere in an economy from a small village community to the downtown financial industry.”

“Green the Capitalists”
Written by Monowar Zaman
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Date Published: March 31, 2016
Paperback: $32.99
Hardcover: $43.99

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