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Film Hatch Media Introduces a Warm Tale of Courage and Benevolence

Lesley Fisher joins forces with Film Hatch Media in bringing to life her warm, illustrated story Object of Balance where a group of Fairies set out on an adventure to retrieve a stolen item bigger than all of them combined!

FilmHatch Media is a film production company noted for its international services. Their teams of experts are always able to provide the best service possible for their customers. They are dedicated to their work and experts in their fields. Film Hatch Media is still looking for new and talented people to work with. This time, Lesley Fisher’s humorous tale “Object of Balance” has reached their radar.
Lesley Fisher is an enjoyable tale. It revolves around nine fairies who embark to retrieve the wizard’s stolen object. Unbeknownst to the thief, it is not just a precious treasure but is actually a key to humanity’s peace. With the object stolen, the world is plagued with disasters. While the wizard is keeping the powerful evil at bay, the fairies must complete their mission before everything will be too late.
“Object of Balance” is a masterpiece of Lesley Fisher and illustrated by Benjamin Graham. It’s best read for children but can be enjoyed by everyone, especially those who need the virtues found in this story.
The book teaches the readers that even the hardest job can be done with faith and perseverance. The vivid illustrations and the wonderful characters make it an absolutely satisfying read.
“Object of Balance” is about bravery and kindness working together to help even the tiniest fairy save the big wide world. Not just in this fantasy world, but even in real life, one needs the virtues displayed by these little fairies.
“Object of Balance”
Written by Lesley Fisher
Publisher:  XlibrisUS
Date Published: May 1, 2014
Paperback: $23.99


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