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It takes 6-8 weeks to produce a Hollywod Standard Script from concept to delivery. However, the actual time for this type of project varies with respect to what’s being produced. It may take up to 8 weeks and even longer to complete depending on the complexity of production but 2-3 months is the minimum time it takes to complete.

That is never a simple answer to give. A range of factors determine production costs. These factors may include the scope of the project, scripting, concept, locations, days needed to shoot, editing time, final length, music, narration, audio mixing etc. It’s best to contact us with details of the production that you want.

The approval process a Film Hatch Media Productions is very well structured. After you see the rough cut and request changes, we then provide you a final draft where you can request additional changes. So that means you have two (2) opportunities to provide feedback and to make changes with your script.

Yes. At minimum 1080p.

We can handle an entire project, as we are a full-service video production company. If we aren’t needed for each phase, we also service portions of a project such as editing footage, shooting and delivering footage or even just shooting.

At Film Hatch Media Production is a Bottom-Line pricing company. Our screenplay/video production proposal will be what you pay. We make sure that our clients do not get any surprises or unexpected costs on the final invoice. The only exceptions to this are in a situation where we have a scope change to the project during production and should any additional cost arise, we’ll ensure they are approved before they get incurred by the production.

A team consisting of 2 screenwriters, 2 screen editors, 2 video producers, 1 video editor, 1 production agent, and 1 fulfillment coordinator. All in all, 9 people will be working on per project.

We offer full scriptwriting and creative development services. Through our creative brief, e-mails, phone calls, and production meetings, we’ll learn about your business. We always advise that our clients be ready to give us as much information and content as can be given we can learn about your business and the factor motivating the video production very well.

You are allowed to have changes made. There will be additional costs incurred by any changes to be made after the included revisions but all of it will be discussed ahead of time.

A standard production day is 10 hours long.

Sure we can. We can give you any file type for all occasions, even online use. We also have optimized Vimeo and YouTube settings.

That is a quite simple process! You can get in touch with us through our contact page and we’ll respond to you and answer all your questions.

Absolute not! As earlier stated, FilmHatch Media Productions operates a ‘Bottom Line’ pricing structure. The budget we conclude on in the production agreement is what you get to spend in all. Should there be extra expenses as a result of production scope, it shall be discussed and approved before incurred.

We accept PayPal payments, checks, wire transfer, and all major credit cards.

For us to begin the video production process, you are required to pay a retainer for 50% of the full budget. The other 50% that’s left is paid when the video has been completed.