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Our Work Combines Creativity And Technology To Move People At A Deeper Level—Bonding Them To Places, Ideas, And Brands. We Deliver Provocative Content And Interactive Experiences On Screens Of All Sizes, In Every Type Of Environment.


Our team of professional writers are branding our name in the film industry through their screenplays. We are not only talented in our field but are also flexible. We create the best version of our clients' works and unleash their full potential.

Book Trailer

We take pride in its world-class book trailers. Our book trailers have vivid visuals that enrapture watchers to their full attention. We have top-notch visual marketing resources that never fail to forge impressive book trailers.

Press Release

One of the specialized services offered by Film Hatch Media is our competent new releases that are sure to reach a broad audience. We are affiliated with some of the greatest press release distribution companies.



I think the company should be aware of the asset Dante is to you. As a writer I have been subject to a lot of companies I would consider scams. They take your money and do nothing for you. I am a cynic when I am called in reference to my book. Everybody wants money. Dante did not take a financial approach. He took the time to learn something about my book. We talked about the potential of the book. Immediately I felt comfortable. I checked out the company and learned is fairly new with new concepts of how to do things. Two lawyers said the contract looks ok but says nothing of what they will do for you. Beacon Books is a small company I trust and their lawyer’s claim your company is a scam. Dante turned my head. He explained how many seasoned employee you have. He defended the company in a way that made me, again, feel comfortable. He presented your company as a professional seasoned group of employees who have a new way of looking at the industry. I felt let’s give this new way of doing business a shot. So far! You have met my expectorations and am excited about the future. I thank you Dante.



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